Nurses Wasted Food While Patients Were Deprived of It


The recent pictures of two nurses throwing yogurt and drinks over each other, which are posted on the social networking site Facebook, have been condemned by campaigners. The photographs were clearly taken in a clinical area of the hospital where patients would be in close proximity.

East Haven Connecticut Turning Over a New Leaf after Allegations of Prejudice

East Haven Connecticut Turning Over a New Leaf after Allegations of Prejudice

East Haven, Connecticut is a service class suburb that has been infamous for sour relationships between the police and minority communities. Complaints by the Latino communities have been unheard and there have been rising incidents of police brutality and harassment.

Want to Keep Brain Active in Older Age? Indulge in Mental Activities

mental activities

An expert has suggested that taking part in mental activities, which stimulate the brain, can keep elderly people's minds more active.

Wrong Diagnosis Leads to Death of an Eight Year Old

Louis Austin

An eight-year-old schoolboy, Louis Austin, died because of wrong diagnosis, during the last year's swine flu outbreak. A coroner revealed that 999 and NHS staff mistook his diabetes for the H1N1 virus.

He started experiencing bad headaches and chronic fatigue last July. His mother Melanie dialed 999, after her son was unable even to stand or speak.

Insurers Indulging In Unlawful Practices Will Be Targeted By The Government, HHS Secretary Sebelius Confirms

Insurers Indulging In Unlawful Practices Will Be Targeted By The Government, HHS

U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has asked the insurers to watch out because the Government is all set to take a strict action against the proportion of insurers who deny the healthcare coverage unlawfully.

Should Babies be Left Crying or Not?

Babies be Left Crying

Gina Ford, best-selling author of The Contented Little Baby Book, sternly advocates that babies should be left to cry in order to train them into regular feeding, waking and sleeping patterns.

Scientists have managed to measure high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in distraught babies, whose cries are not paid any heed to by the parent, using saliva swab tests.

Passengers in a Luxury Cruise Liner Infected by Winter Vomiting Virus

Luxury Cruise Liner

It was seen lately that hundreds of people in a luxury cruise liner got infected by the winter vomiting virus.

It was later confessed by Fred Olsen Cruise Lines that three of its passengers were in isolation and around 305 passengers had been affected, whereas it has been stated by the ones travelling on the vessel that 650 of the 900 had been infected by the norovirus.

Lyme Disease Advocacy Groups Favor Amendment in Lyme Treatment Guidelines

Lyme Disease Advocacy Groups Favor Amendment in Lyme Treatment Guidelines

It has been reported that leaders of a local Lyme disease advocacy group are saddened by the decision of the special panel formed by Connecticut's Attorney General. The panel was made in order to hold an investigation. The panel suggests that there is no need to amend any treatment guidelines for the disease.

Health Policy Becomes a Heated Debate at Local Level

Health Policy

It has been seen lately that The National Health Service at the local level has become a heated debate, whereas it has not been a part of the national election campaign.

It was noticed by Channel 4, after having a look at the number of marginal and targeted seats, that the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives were supporting their campaigns on claims of closures.

Hospital Cuts Lead to Disputes

Andy Burnham

It has been reported that cuts to hospitals took the main focus in a health-themed election dispute. Revamping is going on for maternity, children's and A&E units in England.

But the Tories were charged by Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, of being dishonest by committing to put a short-term ban on alterations if they win authority.

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