NZ's Health System Requires Major Revamp, Survey Suggests

NZ's Health System Requires Major Revamp, Survey Suggests

Through a recent survey, the country of New Zealand is being sent out warnings to not underestimate the sheer amount of work that is required in order to reform its current health system.

A worldwide survey has been undertaken by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the main aim of which was to identify the trends prevalent in the strategic direction of the healthcare sector.

Yelp Under Scrutiny for Favouritism


The San Francisco Company –Yelp a popular ratings website is overhauling the way it posts the reviews, as it is facing strong criticism for its preferential treatment to a few business.

Yelp allows users to write reviews about local businesses like restaurants, retails shops, salons etc.

Bebo Up for Sale or Closure


AOL announced that they would be either selling or shutting down the social networking site Bebo, which was acquired by them two years ago. The parent company does not plan to invest more in the site, which has become a victim to the highly competitive scene in the social networking arena. The company will decide about the fate of the site by May 31.

Health Strikes Make Insignificant Demands

Health Strikes Make Insignificant Demands

Union strikes have been going on for decaled and ultimately it is a resultant of the unmet demands of the labors or the labor union. Mostly they are not acceptable but in most of the cases, it is an accepted practice to reach consensus.

NHS Failed To Utilize the 34m Stockpile of Swine Flu Vaccination

NHS Failed To Utilize the 34m Stockpile of Swine Flu Vaccination

It has been reported that NHS has 34 million unconsumed doses of swine flu available with it.

Measles Can Be Prevented Through Immunization

Measles Can Be Prevented Through Immunization

Northland District Health Board has confirmed that there is no upward trend in the number of cases relating to measles in the Northland region.

The unvaccinated children are being contacted by Hokianga Health and Public Health Officials are working hand to hand with Hokianga Health in order to check the maintenance.

ipad’s Erratic Behaviour Due to Dual Wi-Fi


After a few days of the launch of Apple ipad a number of Apple customers complained about their ipad’s erratic behaviour when connecting to Wi-Fi. Apple has issued a statement with a suggested solution for this problem.

Net Neutrality - a Thing of the Past


The federal appeals court today, decided against the Federal Communications Commission’s effort to permit cable giant Comcast for jamming some internet traffic.

Lawyers Convinced of Winning Muckaty Station Dumping Case

waste dump at Muckaty Station

Lawyers who are planning to dispute a waste dump at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek are confident that if reports are correct then it is probable that they would win the case and the decision will be reversed.

George Newhouse, who is part of the three lawyer team who are taking up the case met with traditional owners in Tennant Creek this weekend.

Opposition Claims Energy Rebates Insufficient to Cover Electricity Price Hike

household electricity bills

It has been reported that an increase in the NSW government's energy rebate scheme will not be sufficient to tide over large amplifications in household electricity bills. These claims were made by the state opposition.

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