Nook E-Reader Update 1.3 Released by Barnes & Noble

 Barnes & Noble

On Friday, Barnes & Noble officially released the version 1.3 of the update software for its popular Nook e-reader, which is inclusive of a web browser, quicker page turning and various new games. The Nook, which runs on Google's Android, now also allows users to read books in Barnes & Noble retail stores for free. In addition, the update fixes a couple of bugs.

YouTube's Low-Profile Movie Rental Service Quietly Expanding


It looks like YouTube is expanding its quiet and low-profile movie rental service. In addition to the movies from the Sundance Festival that were added back in January of the current year, the website is now also offering selections from over 500 other content partners. And what is interesting is that not all of them are flicks which can be termed "obscure".

FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Might End up Costing Telecom Jobs

Telecom Jobs

According to a report released recently, the network neutrality rules issued by the U. S. Federal Communications Commission are likely to cause more than 340,000 job losses in the broadband industry in the next decade.

Mobile Messaging Firm Cloudhopper Taken Over by Twitter


On Friday, the popular microblogging website Twitter officially announced that it has acquired Cloudhopper, the mobile messaging firm.

Complete terms of the deal, however, have not been shared by any of the parties involved.

Nanopatch, New Technology for Vaccinating Without Needle

Nanopatch, New Technology for Vaccinating Without Needle

Researchers from the University of Queensland have come up with good news for people who fear getting vaccinated through painful syringes and suffer from needle phobia. The researchers have discovered a painless and far more effective way of vaccinating by the help of nanotechnology.

Chevrolet Volt Gets Some Company


General Motors showcased a crossover utility vehicle based on the platform of Chevrolet Volt. The new vehicle is being stated to be the part of the extended family of electric vehicle.

Seasonal Flu Vaccines Banned Nationally by AMA

Seasonal Flu Vaccines Banned Nationally by AMA

Following the reports of dozens of children falling critically ill, and many others suffering some serious health problems, the Australian Medical Association of WA has called for a nationwide ban on the vaccine. AMA is expecting that this restriction on flu shot will not affect the rate of immunization on the whole.

Space Station Astronauts Will Be Facilitated With An Emergency Escape

International Space Station

NASA is working on the plans to build a new vessel which can be utilized as an emergency escape by the astronauts. The proposed vessel will be send to the International Space Station.

Sleeps and Dreams Enhance Learning

Sleeps and Dreams Enhance Learning

A new research revealed that sleeps and dreams enhance learning. The researchers claim that people who take a nap and dream about a task they've just learned, are able to perform well when they wake up, as compared to people who don’t sleep at all.

Diabetes Connected to Atrial Fibrillation

Diabetes Connected to Atrial Fibrillation

Diabetes has been linked to a common type of irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation. The new study reveals that uncontrolled blood sugar has a 40% greater risk of developing this chronically irregular heartbeat.

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