Research Warns Women About Consuming too Many Carbs, can Lead to Heart Disease

white bread, pizza and white rice

Researchers have warned that women who consume high levels of carbohydrates, like white bread, pizza and some kinds of pasta, are more at risk of developing heart disease. It has been discovered that women who eat the most carbs are at two times increased risk of suffering from heart problems as compared to those who eat least of carbs.

Parent who Tend to Worry too Much About their Diabetic Kid, Might be Making "Situation Worse"

Diabetic Kid

A new study has revealed that parents who tend to worry way too much about their diabetic child generally end up making the situation worse and the kid could have poorly controlled blood sugar levels.

Autistic Youngsters’ Own Variety Show: Challenging Stereotypes


Channel 4's Young, Autistic and Stagestruck, is a new documentary series, in which 9 youngsters suffering from autism will stage their own variety show. The expectation is that they would not only give an open challenge to the stereotypes but also surpass some of the facets of their own condition.

Axis-Shield Outlook Appears Strong after Fresh Agreement


AXIS-SHIELD, the Dundee-based medicinal testing kit manufacturer, has been tipped for considerable amount of income augmentation after yesterday announcing a fresh agreement with one of its leading American associates.

The corporation is going to develop a hemoglobin examination to run on Abbot's flagship ‘Architect’ computerized testing method.

Revolutionary Discovery Made By Scientists


According to BBC news, it has been seen that the scientist have made a discovery that would help in giving details about the causes of kidney disease. The DNA of over 90,000 people was checked in the new studies done by the scientists. It was seen that 13 variants were connected with the altered kidney function.

Liverpool City Council Plans to Ban the Word “Obese”

British Dietetic Association.

The officials at the Liverpool City Council are planning to ban the word obese for children.

It has been seen that the highest childhood obesity rate is found in Britain. In Liverpool, approximately half of 11 year old boys and 40 percent of 11 year old girls are overweight.

Labour Party Sarcastically Targets Cancer Patients

 Cancer Patients

It was told by Gordon Brown that the Labour Party had no knowledge of voters’ health details after the leaflets on cancer policy were distributed to the cancer patients. He also persisted that the literature based on any knowledge of their health details was not issued to people.

10 Point List to Prevent Child Abuse Issued by USCCB

10 Point List to Prevent Child Abuse Issued by USCCB

According to reports, the Head of the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Office (USCCB) of Child Protection has proposed a 10-point list, which highlights the ways to avert sexual abuse of children by clergy members. This list was issued on Monday.

Legislation Endorsed for Reshaping Florida's Medicaid Program

Legislation Endorsed for Reshaping Florida's Medicaid Program

It has been reported that on Monday, a House committee authorized legislation that would considerably reform Florida's Medicaid program. It is expected to shift about 2.7 million inhabitants dependent on the medical care program into a managed-care system in the coming few years.

Research Finds Solution to Human Stem Cell Survival

Research Finds Solution to Human Stem Cell Survival

On Monday, a study revealed that a duo of chemicals creates human embryonic stem cells survive the massive cell death.

It has been reported that a team led by Yue Xua of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif., have discovered two small molecules that augment the endurance of human embryonic stem cells.

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