Survey Reveals Working Parents Spend More Time with Kids

Parents Spend More Time with Kids

A new study found that working parents need not feel guilty about spending less time with their kids. It revealed that they are spending far more time with their families as compared to the parents of earlier generations.

Googling May Not Provide Right Information

child's medical problem i

UK researchers revealed the fact that parents who type their child's medical problem into Google are less likely to get a sound advice.

A search engine was used by the Nottingham-based team to find UK-based advice on five common issues including MMR autism, HIV breastfeeding, mastitis breastfeeding, baby sleeping position and green vomit.

Catheter-Based Procedure Using Stent Grafts Feasible If Surgery Is Not Possible

Grafts Feasible If Surgery

The long-term outcomes of the endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms using stent grafts have been studied through two trials, which were published online today by The New England Journal of Medicine. It coincided with a presentation at the Charing Cross International Symposium in London.

Health Care Bill Not Effective, Might Need Amendments

health care reform bill

Recently, President Obama signed the health care bill into law.

As the new health care reform bill becomes known to the American people, they will start comprehending the terrors that Congress and the President have conferred upon them.

Lower Mainland Faces Measles Outbreak

BC Centre for Disease Control

It is believed that two recent visitors to the Lower Mainland seem to have left behind an outbreak of Measles.

The BC Centre for Disease Control is warning health-care experts and members of the public to be on guard for signs of the disease, after 14 cases of measles surfaced in the Lower Mainland since the past two weeks.

Canada’s Medical Care Hypocrisy Undertaken in ‘Doctors Without Residency’

Canada’s Medical Care

‘Doctors Without Residency’, a short documentary and a second film in the NFB’s Work for All series, deal with the imperative topic of foreign trained doctors who cannot land a nationality in Canada.

However it is said that it’s not that these medical doctors require necessary training or experience.

A Child Safety Charter Formed for the First Time in the Continent

Child Care Safety Charter

It has been reported that Manitoba’s child care centers are trying hard to place final touches on their latest codes of behavior and safety strategy, which are needed under the province’s Child Care Safety Charter.

Stats Professor says that Body Mass Index is Drivel

healthy body

It has been reported that Director of the Center for Research Design and Analysis at the University of Nevada-Reno, George Fernandez wishes for the worldwide estimate of healthy body size to be eighty-six.

It is said that that Fernandez wants this because, he believes the measurement is extremely perplexing and imprecise.

HIV Tests Common in Students with Knowledge on AIDS Virus than Among Those Unaware

HIV Tests

On Thursday, Health Officials in the U. S revealed that almost partly HIV-positive teenagers and young adults in America are oblivious of their infection, and about less than a quarter of high school students who are sexually active are tested for the virus.

Women are the "Brainy" Ones, According to Dr. Louann Brizendine

The Male Brain

In today's times, we have just started to understand how complex the human brain is, and there are some very small structural differences in the brains of men and women. These might means nothing at all, or could have some significance. All this, for now remains to be discovered.

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