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Amazon unveils its ‘Fire TV’ set-top box

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 07:02


On Wednesday, online retailer Amazon introduced its new set-top box called the 'Fire TV' at a press event in New York. The Amazon Fire TV set-top box will give the users the ability to stream a range of content, including video games, sitcoms, and feature-length films.

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Twitter launches updated versions of its iPhone and Android apps

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 09:15


In a recent blog post, popular microblogging service Twitter has revealed that it has rolled out updated versions of its iPhone and Android apps; giving the users the ability to tag people in photos.

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Roku officially launches its 3500R Streaming Stick

Fri, 03/28/2014 - 08:59


In a noteworthy launch on Thursday, Roku announced the release of the Roku 3500R Streaming Stick - the company's new streaming HDMI dongle. The launch of the 3500R dongle marks Roku's response to the hugely popular Chromecast streaming dongle.

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Google unveils Android OS version for wearable technology

Thu, 03/20/2014 - 09:25


In a strategic move which marks Google's foray into the smartwatch arena, the company unveiled a version of its Android operating system - dubbed the 'Android Wear' version - for wearable technology on Tuesday.

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SCE unveils ‘Project Morpheus’ prototype virtual reality headset for PS4

Thu, 03/20/2014 - 09:16


Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has recently unveiled a prototype virtual reality (VR) headset to be paired with the company's latest and best-selling console, PlayStation 4. The VR system will essentially immerse PS4 gamers in the virtual worlds of the game they play.

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Samsung’s new interchangeable-lens system of cameras --- NX Mini

Wed, 03/19/2014 - 09:20


South Korean device maker Samsung has recently announced its notably new interchangeable-lens system of cameras --- the NX Mini. The stylish new NX Mini has a magnesium-alloy body and aluminum top plus faux leather, and it adopts the 1-inch sensor size.

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Microsoft set to launch Surface 2 4G LTE tablet on March 18

Tue, 03/18/2014 - 09:19


The Microsoft Surface Team announced in a blog post released on Monday that the company is set to launch its Surface 2 4G LTE tablet on Tuesday, March 18.  The new LTE-enabled Surface 2 tablet will be officially called 'Surface 2 with LTE'; and will be priced at $679 before taxes.

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Razer announces its new Razer Blade laptop

Thu, 03/13/2014 - 09:01


Bigwig entertainment devices and software firm Razer has recently announced its latest Razer Blade laptop, which boasts impressive new state-of-the-art features and a 10-point capacitive multi-touch display.

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Next generation optical disc by Panasonic and Sony

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 17:27


For those who love to store information, movies, music and massive amount of data for years, Sony and Panasonic have announced a novel solution. The next generation of optical discs, termed as the Archival disc, will allow you to store more data than you can ever store on the Blu-ray disc.

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Pebble launches its App Store on Android smartphones

Sat, 03/08/2014 - 09:13


After one month of announcing its launch on iOS devices, Pebble has now revealed in a recent announcement that it has launched an App Store for its popular Pebble smartwatch on Android smartphones.

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Oscar Mayer unveils new ‘Wake Up & Smell the Bacon’ alarm-clock app for iPhone

Fri, 03/07/2014 - 09:19


Recent news reports have revealed that meat producer Oscar Mayer has unveiled an iPhone app dubbed 'Wake Up & Smell the Bacon.' The app doubles as an alarm clock plug-in to give off the sound and aroma of sizzling bacon slices.

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Dyson launches a quieter, more efficient bladeless fan

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 08:48


Dyson has recently launched a new bladeless fan - the Dyson AM06 - which is a super-luxurious desk fan, boasting a notably quieter and more efficient design than the company's original offering.

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Samsung reveals new Black Edition models of Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini

Sat, 02/08/2014 - 11:08


Bigwig device maker Samsung has launched the new Black Edition version of its popular Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini handsets. The launch of the Black Edition models is aimed at giving a more stylish touch to the S4 and S4 Mini devices.

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Panasonic announces Lumix DMC-GH4 camera with built-in 4K video recording

Fri, 02/07/2014 - 10:49


In a recent announcement, Panasonic has officially introduced its new Lumix DMC-GH4 camera - the first-ever digital camera which boasts onboard 4K video recording capability, along with a new autofocus system with improved continuous-shooting performance.

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Google releases Chromecast SDK to general public

Tue, 02/04/2014 - 09:13


In an evident attempt to expand the currently-limited functionality of its small media-streaming device Chromecast, Google has recently made the Chromecast software development kit (SDK) available to the general public.

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Dell unveils new $129 device that brings Android OS to any TV or display with HDMI input

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 09:08


Dell has added a new Android device to its computing lineup. The device - called the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect - is a $129-priced USB-like stick which is capable of bringing Google's Android mobile operating system to any TV or display with HDMI input.

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Google releases new Mini-games for its Glass wearable device

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 09:06


In an apparent effort to "inspire" developers to create games for its Glass wearable computing device, Google released five mini-games for the device on Monday. These games include a Fruit Ninja clone, Balance, Clay Shooter, tennis and a matching game.

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Google and Lego launch new ‘’ website

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 09:38


On Tuesday, Google and Lego announced the launch of a new website - called the 'buildwithchrome. com' website - to allow Lego fans to play with their popular little plastic bricks in their Chrome web browser.

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Google unveils stylish new prescription frames and shades for its Glass device

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 09:32


In a recent announcement on its Glass Google+ page, Google has unveiled a new set of stylish prescription frames and shades for its Internet-connected Glass wearable computing device. The new Glass incarnation - dubbed the Titanium Collection - will essentially help Google give an image makeover to its Glass device which is scheduled to hit the US markets in the later part of 2014.

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Motorola unveils its affordable Moto G handset for Saudi Arabia market

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 09:06


At a recent press conference, Google's Motorola Mobility subsidiary launched its Saudi Arabia product portfolio for the year 2014. Releasing details about its forthcoming devices aimed at the Saudi Arabia market this year, Motorola unveiled its affordable Moto G handset, describing it as a marvelous smartphone for customers looking for a low-cost, no-compromise device.

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