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Microsoft backs out as exclusive sponsor of Fox’s “Family Guy” Special


Two weeks after Microsoft and News Corp.'s Fox Network announced an innovative marketing team-up, whereby Microsoft was supposed to be the exclusive sponsor of Fox's forthcoming "Family Guy" variety special, the software giant has backed out of the deal.

NYT chief editor inadvertently leaks the name of the Apple tablet - Apple Slate!


In his speech during an "all hands" meeting for the Times' digital staff on October 15 or 16, Bill Keller, the executive editor of The New York Times (NYT), reflexively made a mention of Apple's forthcoming tablet!

Nikkei: Nintendo to launch new DSi handheld in Japan by this year-end


Going by a Tuesday report in the Nikkei business daily, Nintendo intends releasing a new, bigger screen version of its DSi handheld videogame player in Japan by the end of this year.

Google expands Voice; allows voicemail service on users’ existing cellphone numbers


In an attempt to expand its Voice telephony service, Google is introducing an array of features allowing calls to be made directly to the cell phones of the users; thereby deciding to do away with the thus-far requirement that all calls should come only via the Google number that is available with this free online service.

Sleek and slim Palm Pixi to hit the stores November 15!


Going by a recent announcement by Palm, the Pre smartphone's "junior" counterpart, the Pixi, will hit the markets November 15! To be available on the Sprint network, the forthcoming Pixi smartphone will be priced at $99.99, after rebates, discounts, and a new two-year contract from Sprint Nextel.

Google adds a new, experimental ‘Social Search’ feature to Google Labs


With the Google-Twitter team-up coming through last week, Google Monday announced that 'Social Search' - an experimental search feature - is being introduced in Google Labs. The new feature will essentially pay particular attention to the social networks of a user for increasingly relevant search results.

GeoCities to go; Yahoo shuttering the site today!


The once-upon-a-time-most-trafficked Web sites, Yahoo’s GeoCities, will finally see its shutters being pulled today, for good. The simple site, though not too well-designed, allowed countless Internet surfers a free access to the Web, the world over.

Verizon CEO says the carrier “interested” in selling the Apple iPhone!

Verizon CEO says the carrier “interested” in selling the Apple iPhone!

Despite the fact that Verizon has recently been involved in advertising campaigns for phones that clearly target the Apple iPhone, Verizon’s chief executive Ivan Seidenberg recently told the analysts that the carrier is still open to the option of selling the iPhone, and it is up to Apple to take the final decision!

The forthcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 still lacking in some areas

BlackBerry Storm2

Scheduled for a this week release, the new BlackBerry Storm2 from Research in Motion (RIM) is not only better built than its predecessor, BlackBerry Storm, but is also faster, quicker to respond and more feature-packed.

New Generation Branch Routers Introduced by Cisco


Cisco's latest offerings, a new generation of the firm's much popular Integrated Services Router, has hit the markets. The newly unveiled routers are a branch office platform and have been especially optimized for video and other virtualized services. Christened the ISR G2, the new routers are designed to address demand posted by increasingly distributed and collaborative workforces.

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