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Google coming up with a ‘free’ turn-by-turn based navigation app

Google coming up with a ‘free’ turn-by-turn based navigation app

Marking its foray into Garmin and Tom Tom-dominated turn-by-turn GPS navigation market, Google is coming up with a ‘free’ turn-by-turn based navigation application that will also support voice-guided directions.

DreamWorks Animation Posts Surging Profits, Share Prices Rise

DreamWorks Animation Posts Surging Profits, Share Prices Rise

Beating all estimates in its third-quarter figures reported, DreamWorks Animation has posted profits which have been much better than expected by analysts and investors. The high sales of the "Monster vs. Aliens" DVD, the company's latest release, is being credited as the reason behind this surge in profits.

Google extends its ‘Promoted Video’ advertising service to some more countries


Internet search giant Google has launched its 'Promoted Video' advertising service - built on its AdWords platform - for the YouTube users in Australia, Japan and some European countries. The users will have to pay a certain charge to avail the opportunity of promoting their videos on the YouTube site.

Microsoft's MSN and MySpace reportedly in ‘early’ talks about music tie-up

Microsoft and MySpace

According to the information forwarded by the sources in-the-know at Microsoft and MySpace, the two companies are involved in 'early' talks pertaining to the use of MySpace Music - the social-networking site's music service - to help boost the Microsoft's MSN music service.

Google launches its experimental ‘Social Search’ feature


With the launch of its experimental 'Social Search' service, Google has made it easier for the searchers to trace the online content authored by their friends and other personal contacts.

Google releases features and updates of its forthcoming Android 2.0 platform

Google Android operating system,

The open-source Google Android operating system, which was introduced by the Open Handset Alliance in November of 2007, will have its successor Android 2.0 appear for the first time on the Verizon's Motorola Droid smartphone, reportedly to be released on November 6, 2009.

Upgraded Inspiron Z-Series Laptops Launched by Dell in UK


Dell, one of the world's top ranked laptop manufacturers, has introduced to the UK market a pair of new laptops which are reportedly upgraded versions of its Z Series of Inspiron laptops. The new machines, being marketed as the 13z and 15z, have come right after the 11z, and are much thinner coming in at 26.4mm and 29.2mm respectively.

Search Engine Reports 42% Profit Rise While Shares Fall

Baidu Inc., the firm behind Baidu. com, China's leading search engine, reported on Tuesday that while its profits have surged a whopping 42%, share rates have gone down. Revealing its third quarter report, the company said the fall in share rates is not a warning sign. They have temporarily been hurt because Baidu is switching over to a new advertising system.

Microsoft backs out as exclusive sponsor of Fox’s “Family Guy” Special


Two weeks after Microsoft and News Corp.'s Fox Network announced an innovative marketing team-up, whereby Microsoft was supposed to be the exclusive sponsor of Fox's forthcoming "Family Guy" variety special, the software giant has backed out of the deal.

NYT chief editor inadvertently leaks the name of the Apple tablet - Apple Slate!


In his speech during an "all hands" meeting for the Times' digital staff on October 15 or 16, Bill Keller, the executive editor of The New York Times (NYT), reflexively made a mention of Apple's forthcoming tablet!

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