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Apple's Wi-Fi-less iPhone hits China’s mobile market

Friday saw the formal launch of the Apple iPhone in the world's biggest mobile phone market - China. Priced on a somewhat higher side, the Wi-Fi-less China-specific iPhone, on the China Unicom carrier, will be available at a starting cost of 4,999 yuan, or $730 for the 8GB model.

World's First USB 3.0 Motherboard Unveiled by Asus

World's First USB 3.0 Motherboard Unveiled by Asus

Announcing an exciting development in the Computer Hardware, Taiwanese manufacturer Asustek has introduced the world's first ever mother board for computers which will incorporate two USB 3.0 ports. All set to be introduced in a whole range of products, the USB 3.0, formally SuperSpeed, infused gadgets will be available in markets starting this year throughout 2010.

Juniper Now Open to Acquisitions - CEO

Juniper Networks

Chief Executive of Juniper Networks Inc., Kevin Johnson, has declared that the company is now open to acquisitions. In-house research and partnerships, however, will continue to remain the firm's main priorities.

Refer to Microsoft’s EULA for a legal installation of Windows 7 OS

End User License Agreement

Citing its so-called 'End User License Agreement' (EULA), Microsoft is cautioning the users against the allurement of going in for a 'clean' installation of the full version of the October 22- released Windows 7 OS by hacking the upgrade version, saying that the procedure is 'illegal.'

Motorola poised for a turnaround - posts Q3 profit; to launch two new Android phones!


Motorola appears to be perfectly poised for a turnaround - not only has the handset maker surprised the Wall Street with a third-quarter profit on Thursday, it is also soon launching two new Android phones, Cliq from T-Mobile and Droid from Verizon, and expects a better-than-anticipated profit in the current quarter!

Amazon Payments unveils new ‘PayPhrase’ authentication platform

Amazon. com

Simplifying the online commerce process and making its e-commerce payment platform more attractive to the merchants, Amazon Payments, a subsidiary of online retail biggie Amazon. com, Thursday introduced its new 'PayPhrase' authentication platform.

Apple introduces ‘version 3.0’ of Apple TV software

Apple introduces ‘version 3.0’ of Apple TV software

Existing Apple TV owners can now avail Apple’s newest ‘free’ software – an upgraded ‘version 3.0,’ which boasts an overhauled user interface, along with iTunes Extras, iTunes LP, Genius mixes, and Internet radio.

Japanese NEC Cuts Profit Outlook by 40%

Japanese NEC Cuts Profit Outlook by 40%

In light of the current economic downturn, Japan's leading PC maker NEC Corp., has cut back its complete year profit outlook by as much as 40%.

The company says that, in addition to a weak economy, huge losses on the firm's microchip unit and slow network system sales have contributed to the decision of the cut down.

Will Verizon’s Motorola Droid smartphone be an ‘iPhone killer’?

Verizon’s Motorola Droid

There is almost every possible chance that the forthcoming Motorola Droid from Verizon will live up to the much-hyped expectations from this reportedly powerful Web surfing and communications tool!

Google develops a fix for its Voice call-blocking problem

Google, FCC

In its Wednesday letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Google has said that with a recently-developed Google Voice fix, the access of the calling service will be blocked to fewer local calling exchanges.

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