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Google launches new music search feature

multifarious Google

Unveiling a new music search feature on Wednesday, the multifarious Google Inc. has now marked its foray into the music industry as well! For the latest feature adorning the illustrious Google list, the company has tied up with MySpace, Lala, Pandora, imeem, and Rhapsody, for streaming their music clips in the Google search results.

Leaked footage of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” shows terrorist attack

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

A leaked video recording of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2", which is scheduled for a next month release, shows that the forthcoming game allows players to gun down innocent civilians in a realistic depiction of a terrorist attack at an airport.

Sony recalls Vaio AC adapters on short-circuiting reports


In a Wednesday Announcement, Sony said that it has issued a recall of as many as 69,000 Vaio AC adapters, sold with its Vaio notebook products, after having received four different reports of the adapters short-circuiting, because of insulation failure.

Microsoft: Hacking Windows 7 upgrades for installing full version is illegal

Microsoft: Hacking Windows 7 upgrades for installing full version is illegal

With users readily being served tips online for hacking the newly-released Windows 7 operating system’s upgrade versions for getting a full copy on the new OS on their PC, Microsoft is drawing the attention of the users to the Microsoft End User License Agreement (EULA).

Google coming up with a ‘free’ turn-by-turn based navigation app

Google coming up with a ‘free’ turn-by-turn based navigation app

Marking its foray into Garmin and Tom Tom-dominated turn-by-turn GPS navigation market, Google is coming up with a ‘free’ turn-by-turn based navigation application that will also support voice-guided directions.

DreamWorks Animation Posts Surging Profits, Share Prices Rise

DreamWorks Animation Posts Surging Profits, Share Prices Rise

Beating all estimates in its third-quarter figures reported, DreamWorks Animation has posted profits which have been much better than expected by analysts and investors. The high sales of the "Monster vs. Aliens" DVD, the company's latest release, is being credited as the reason behind this surge in profits.

Google extends its ‘Promoted Video’ advertising service to some more countries


Internet search giant Google has launched its 'Promoted Video' advertising service - built on its AdWords platform - for the YouTube users in Australia, Japan and some European countries. The users will have to pay a certain charge to avail the opportunity of promoting their videos on the YouTube site.

Microsoft's MSN and MySpace reportedly in ‘early’ talks about music tie-up

Microsoft and MySpace

According to the information forwarded by the sources in-the-know at Microsoft and MySpace, the two companies are involved in 'early' talks pertaining to the use of MySpace Music - the social-networking site's music service - to help boost the Microsoft's MSN music service.

Google launches its experimental ‘Social Search’ feature


With the launch of its experimental 'Social Search' service, Google has made it easier for the searchers to trace the online content authored by their friends and other personal contacts.

Google releases features and updates of its forthcoming Android 2.0 platform

Google Android operating system,

The open-source Google Android operating system, which was introduced by the Open Handset Alliance in November of 2007, will have its successor Android 2.0 appear for the first time on the Verizon's Motorola Droid smartphone, reportedly to be released on November 6, 2009.

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