Google Chrome team proposes a Chrome OS ‘gPad’ design

Google Chrome

With the computer industry bigwigs constantly endeavoring to bring forth new managed devices, mobility and cloud computing, it is no surprise that pictures and rumors of a supposed Google Chrome OS tablet started making rounds last Monday - two days before the official unveiling of the “revolutionary” Apple iPad!

App store the new mantra of commerce- Google

A tactical move to offer some direct competition to Microsoft in the business software arena, will add partners as well as functionality to the Internet search giant's suite of word-processing tools, spreadsheet, and Web-based e-mail, as Google plans to open an online store to sell third-party software that complements its Google Apps collaboration.

WSJ: Google to launch app store for selling third-party business software

Wall Street Journal

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports, ‘sources in the know’ have revealed that Google intends launching a new online version of its Marketing Solutions site, via which it will sell third-party business software to Google Apps customers.

Google backlashes IE6

Google backlashes IE6

Google cracks whip upon IE6 as it becomes the victim of a high-profile attack from hackers understood to be based in China, who exploited the code in IE6. Google confirmed the plans to dump the support for old browsers.

Google Social Search Moves from Labs to Beta

Google Social Search Moves from Labs to Beta

Google's Social Search products, which was up until sometime back a Labs feature, has now shifted base and is ready for wider testing.

Announced for the first time at the Web 2.0 conference, Social Search lets Google search users link their Google Profiles with any other profiles which they might have on social networking portals like Facebook and MySpace.

Mobile ads arena poised for a ground-breaking change!

Google, Apple

That the mobile advertising arena is poised for a ground-breaking change is evident from the fact that Google, Apple, and quite a few start-ups are trying to convince mobile ad vendors to increase their mobile advertising expenditure.

Google Social Search service graduates to the “beta” level


In a Wednesday announcement, Google said that its Social Search service, which was announced at the Web 2.0 conference, is graduating from an early prototype to a wider testing level, and is being promoted to Google. com.

Google in “delicate” talks with China to maintain some businesses there

Google in “delicate” talks with China to maintain some businesses there

According to a Fox News report, Internet search giant Google, despite its threats to withdraw its operations from China after the recent cyberattacks’ issue, is involved in “delicate” talks with the Chinese authorities to work out a way to retain some of its activities in the country.

Google releases Web-based Voice app for iPhone and Palm handsets

Apple, Google

With Apple dilly-dallying about its approval of the Google Voice application for the iPhone, Google has now released a completely Web-based version of its Voice service that works not only on the iPhone, but also on the Pre and Pixi handsets from Palm.

Google Affair: China Pulls US Into Arguments


After a speech by U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticising countries that censor the internet and engage in hacking, Chinese officials and state-run media have launched a downpour of disrespect that has the characteristics of a performed counter-campaign.

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