Google to sell own mobile phone direct to consumers

Google to sell own mobile phone direct to consumers

California-based Google Inc has plans to sell its own cellphone straight to consumers from next year, in a move that will put it into direct competition with Apple and RIM.

Google Inc said its employees were testing a device that uses its Android operating system. It further added that the hardware of the phone was manufactured by a partner.

Google expects Chrome OS to set new standard in netbook operating systems


Having unveiled an early version of its fast, Linux-based, low-overhead Chrome operating system a few weeks back, Google is expecting the OS to lay down new standards in the operating systems of netbooks, once the pre-installed systems hit the markets next year.

Apple, Google reportedly treading into each other’s business territory!

Apple, Google

As per a report in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the two tech giants Apple and Google - who have largely refrained from treading into each other’s business territory - have of late been apparently vying for the same Silicon Valley startups, as well as having initiated the development of competing products.

Google adds real-time Twitter results to Search Appliance

Google adds real-time Twitter results to Search Appliance

Apprehending the fact that social media and real-time search is of as much value for businesses as for consumers, Google Thursday announced that its Google Search Appliance – the company’s search hardware for businesses - will now provide results from Twitter, over and above the traditional Google search results.

Google introduces its “Living Stories” prototype

Living Stories

In what can be called an integrated story-telling strategy, Google has teamed up its Lab feature with two newspaper biggies - The Washington Post and The New York Times - to deliver its "Living Stories" prototype.

Google to Pack Coverage From The New York Times and Washington Post

Google to Pack Coverage

Google is testing yet another new venture and this time Google has bundled the coverage from two top newspapers, The New York Times and the Washington Post. It has been reported that the coverage of both these newspapers will be available for users on Google and it is expected to make it for the readers to stay in touch with the evolving stories with ease.

Google to send bar-codes decals to businesses generating maximum searches

Google to send bar-codes decals to businesses generating maximum searches

In a Monday announcement, Google said that for all those businesses that generate the maximum number of Internet searches, the company will send them their own specific bar-coded Google sticker.

Google to introduce real-time search soon


In a Monday announcement at a news conference, Internet search giant Google it will soon mark its aggressive move into the real-time search arena - integrating the indexed real-time results with its relevance-ranking technology, which will follow the information gushes from sources like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the ever-increasing number of blogs.

Chrome Extensions to be officially launched by Google Next Week

Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions site was introduced by Google some weeks back, right after various hints that pooped up about a complete push for extension support in the browser. That bit, however, was only meant to serve extension developers who were also allowed to upload their developments to Google.

Google extends customized search results service to all its users


In a late Friday blog post, Google said that its customized Web search results service has now been extended even to those people who search its site, but have otherwise not signed into a Google account.

Till now, the search results customization, based on a user’s earlier search history and clicks, was only being availed by those has logged into the Google service.

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