Microsoft’s September patch addresses 8 flaws; 3 zero-day vulnerabilities remain open!

Microsoft’s September patch addresses 8 flaws; 3 zero-day vulnerabilities remain

In its September patch announced Tuesday, September 8, Microsoft has released five Security Bulletins for addressing eight vulnerabilities; but has, at the same time, left three zero-day vulnerabilities - which can lead to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks - open for abuse!

Microsoft releases 90-day free trial of Windows 7 Enterprise RTM

Windows 7

With its Windows 7 operating system scheduled for October 22 launch, Microsoft has released a unique 90-day trial edition download of Windows 7 Enterprise "release to manufacturing" (RTM) version, in what can be called a "while supplies last" sort of offer! 

HTC Touch HD2 to come out with blast

HTC Touch HD2 to come out with blast

Android is having at edge over Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 as it many new mobile hardware providers are selecting Android over Microsoft's product. The all new HTC Touch HD2 is all ready to pack Google's finger-friendly system, rather than the Big M's Windows Mobile.

Microsoft expands warning about vulnerability in IIS server software


With a Friday update of a Security Advisory it issued on Tuesday, Microsoft has expanded its 'word of caution' about a vulnerability in its Internet Information Services (IIS) server software, which houses Web sites.

Federal Appeals Court grants Microsoft’s request for stay of Word injunction


In a brief order file late Thursday, a federal court of appeals has given its approval to Microsoft's appeal for a stay of the contentious Word injunction, which would have barred Microsoft from selling the present versions of its Word 2003 and Word 2007 software after October 10.

Microsoft to phase out all Zune models; Zune HD ready for replacement Sept 15!

Zune HD

With the forthcoming launch of the touchscreen Zune HD on September 15, Microsoft intends seeing the back of the entire Zune lineup - as things stand with the soon-to-be-completely-phased-out Zune, the November 2006-launched media player actually failed to make much of a mark, especially due to the fierce competition from the Apple iPod.

Windows 7 OS faster and more efficient – thanks to Microsoft-Intel tie-up!

Microsoft, Intel

At a special joint press conference held by Microsoft and Intel on Tuesday, the two companies displayed how Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 update works in the most advantageous combination with new hardware and features for Intel's line of 32nm processors.

Windows 7 should appeal to businesses: analysts

Windows 7 should appeal to businesses: analysts

Analysts has high hopes about the upcoming Windows 7, which is reportedly going to be released in October as Microsoft claims that it has repaired all the main problems businesses faced with Vista, which was launched by the company about 3 years ago.

Microsoft planning 250GB "Super Elite" Xbob 360 bundle

Microsoft planning 250GB "Super Elite" Xbob 360 bundle

Microsoft is planning to roll out "Super Elite" Xbob 360 bundle with 250GB hard drive. Microsoft has recently pronounced price cuts across the Xbox 360 models like 120GB Elite. Amazon Germany along with BT Games, the South African retailer, has reportedly leaked of the upcoming "Super Elite" Xbob 360 bundle.

Early copies of ‘Halo 3: ODST’ leak out in France stores

'Halo 3: ODST'

Despite the fact that the UK 'street date' for Microsoft's forthcoming 'Halo 3: ODST' happens to be September 22, it has been reported that copies of the game have already leaked out and have even hit the shelves of the retail stores in France!

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