Microsoft confirms theft of thousands of Hotmail users’ log-in credentials


In a blog posted on the Microsoft Windows Live site, the Microsoft team has confirmed a large-scale password theft, reported over the weekend, whereby the log-in credentials of thousands of Windows Live Hotmail customers became accessible to hackers.

Rolling Review of Windows 7 Deployment Tool

Windows 7

Microsoft is set to launch Windows 7 on October 22 that shares much of Vista's core code base and some improved features. The new operating system will have many features similar to Windows Vista.

Av-Test results reveal MSE notably effective at fighting malware

Microsoft Security Essentials

The results of a review of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) software by security testing firm AV-Test. org indicate that Microsoft's new product is notably effective at fighting malware.

Microsoft releases Windows XP Mode to manufacturing


With Microsoft Thursday releasing the Windows XP Mode to manufacturing, the add-on utility will allow the computers equipped with the forthcoming Windows 7 operating system to run older applications built for the Windows XP.

The availability of the XP Mode will coincide with the official launch of Windows 7 - on October 22!

Bing’s US market share dips 1.17% in September; Google gains, expands Search Options!

Google, Microsoft

Going by the most recent Internet search figures compiled by online metrics firm StatCounter, the US market share of Microsoft Bing dropped to 8.47 percent in September - marking a 1.17 percent fall from its 9.64 percent share in August.

Microsoft's anti-malware, MSE, to work only with legitimate copies of Windows


According to a recent Microsoft announcement, its Tuesday launched final version of the free anti-malware product, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), will be made available only to users running 'legitimate copies' of Windows XP SP2, Vista or the forthcoming Windows 7.

Judge Smith overturns jury's mammoth patent verdict against Microsoft!


US District Judge William Smith has overturned the verdict of the US District Court judge in Rhode Island jury to give software biggie Microsoft its second colossal win this month in yet another patent infringement lawsuit - this one filed by an Australian investor Ric Richardson!

Microsoft releases its free anti-virus software - Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft releases its free anti-virus software - Microsoft Security Essentials

After a successful three-month long beta test in three countries, Microsoft has finally released the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) – the long-awaited free anti-virus service that would bring for Windows a wide-ranging real-time protection!

Survey: 40% Windows XP users don’t want to upgrade to Windows 7

After having gone through the forgettable Windows Vista experience and comfortable with the Windows XP for reasons aplenty, most of the Windows users are keeping their minds open about the forthcoming Windows 7, which is scheduled for an October 22 release!

Microsoft ‘Pink’ - ‘Chubby-looking’ smartphones targeting the youth!


The not-long-ago published pictures of the two supposed "Pink" smartphones, codenamed 'Turtle' and 'Pure,' from Microsoft revealed two different models of the rather 'chubby-looking' smartphones, which, by no means, can be termed as cool and flashy - the way customers would have wanted them to be!

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