TalkTalk Receives More Customer Complaints Than Any of its Rivals


A recent report has revealed that UK’s Telecom operator, TalkTalk receives more complaints from its customers related to its landline and broadband services than any of its competitor firms.

Judicial Ruling Rejects the Claims of BT and TalkTalk

Judicial Ruling Rejects the Claims of BT and TalkTalk

The UK’s judges have rejected the claims made by both BT and TalkTalk regarding the Digital Economy Act. The act was introduced last year by the government to reduce the illegal traffic on the internet networks.

Customers Highly Dissatisfied with TalkTalk

Customers Highly Dissatisfied with TalkTalk

It was revealed by Ofcom regulator that they receive the most number of complaints from people, about the Telecom Group, TalkTalk. They have relieved many complaints about this phone line provider by the people. They received as many as 1.78 complaints for every 1000 customers.

London High Court Rejects the Claim of BT and TalkTalk

London High Court Rejects the Claim of BT and TalkTalk

The London high court has rejected the claims of UK's two largest internet service providers, BT and TalkTalk that the Digital Economy Act (DEA) was unlawful. The court has considered only one argument of the internet provided that how the costs of enforcing the DEA will be divided between ISPs and copyright holders.

Lord Alan Sugar takes on as the new chairman of the ailing YouView venture

YouView venture

In an attempt to save the ailing Internet-connected set-top box venture, YouView, the BBC and the other leading terrestrial broadcasters have appointed Lord Alan Sugar as the new non-executive chairman of YouView.


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