Barack Obama Tops Web Searches Followed Closely By Britney Spears At No. 2

Barack Obama Tops Web Searches Followed Closely By Britney Spears At No.</body></html>

Microsoft resumes its pursuit of Yahoo

According to the Sunday Times of London website reports, software giant Microsoft Corp. has resumed its pursuit of Yahoo, negotiating a deal of $20 billion – it had abandoned a $47.5 billion proposal last summer for the search site.

Carl Icahn’s stake in Yahoo increases

Carl IcahnAccording to regulatory filings, investor Carl Icahn has bought close to 7 million additional shares

Yahoo to be part of T-Mobile’s internet service

Yahoo & T-MobileAccording to a deal between Yahoo and T-Mobile, the search engine

Google, Yahoo to censor searches

Google, Yahoo to censor searchesGoogle and Yahoo have been asked by the Argentinean judges to filter all searches while several landmark cases are decided.


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