Exercise keeps away cancer

Exercise keeps away cancerAccording to a new study conducted by Coyle Y. M. at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX, the lack of inactivity and physical exercise increases the risk of breast cancer.

Hairspray doubles the risk of boys’ birth defect

Recent research showed that exposure of women to hairspray during pregnancy doubles the chances of the genital defect in the boys at the time of birth.

Superglue operation gave new life to a 17-month-old girl

A superglue operation gave new life to a 17-month-old girl. In this operation, American doctors used glue to seal tiny brain blood vessels that were threatening her life.

Ella-Grace Honeyman, 17 months, was born with vein of Galen malformation, which causes tiny holes in the brain's main blood vessels.

UBC Professor gets award for gene mutation study

Dr. Michael Hayden, Professor of medical genetics at the University of British Columbia has been awarded the “Health Researcher of the Year” award instituted by Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Patients exposed to blood- borne infections during sugar level tests

Manitoba’s  largest health authority has ordered an enquiry after the possibility of 17 patients getting exposed to blood- borne infections while having their blood sugar level tested.


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