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NASA to launch satellite to study carbon dioxide

Washington  - Scientists hope to get a clearer picture of how the Earth reacts to carbon dioxide with the launch Tuesday of a new spacecraft designed to collect data on the climate-changing gas.

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory is set for launch early Tuesday from California and will take about 8 million measurements every 16 days for the next two years.

NASA delays Discovery launch, citing "unease" about safety

Washington  - Citing too many uncertainties about mission safety, NASA late Friday delayed the launch of the next shuttle, Discovery, because of worries about faulty fuel valves.

Report: U.S. forensic science system direly needs to toned up

The United States’ forensic science system is gravely scattered and direly needs improvements – says a congress mandated report scripted by the nation’s premier scientific body. The National Academy of Sciences’ report, which is based on a broad study of forensic techniques, was released on Wednesday.

Doom, gloom and hope at US science meeting

Washington  - As if the financial news wasn't bad enough.

Scientists meeting in Chicago reported about how fast greenhouse gases are rising and how eating less beef and more chicken would help reduce global warming.

But there were also bright spots at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science gathering in the Midwestern metropolis.

Snow snarls traffic on roads and at Paris airports

Paris  - Snow covered the northern half of France early Monday, leading to long traffic bottlenecks in and around Paris and flight cancellations at the capital's airports.

The hazardous conditions caused traffic jams of more than 225 kilometres on motorways into Paris and slowed traffic to a crawl in the city itself.


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