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Social media, mobile devices and the web propelled the revolution in Egypt

Social media

The turmoil in Egypt, which finally led to the stepping down of President Hosni Mubarak, has clearly revealed the power of social media, mobile devices and the web, for organizing as well as informing people.

Government fails to stop interaction

Government fails to stop interaction

With the protests still going on in Egypt, the international community is relying on journalists with satellite phones for real-time updates. Since the Government has made the internet inaccessible for the people of Egypt all the updates concerning the protests calling for Hosni Mubarak to resign after 30 years in power are being made available by the journalists.

China takes strict measures to stop Egyptian unrest from affecting China

China takes strict measures to stop Egyptian unrest from affecting China

The political turmoil in Egypt claiming immediate resignation of President Mubarak who himself though is reluctant to oblige to the public demand had put The Chinese leadership under some botheration. The authorities of the Chinese leadership fears that news of political unrest in Egypt can initiate a movement similar to that in China claiming political reforms.

U.S .braces itself for Egypt without Mubarak

U.S .braces itself for Egypt without Mubarak

The Obama government seems to be now preparing for a post Mubarak era in Egypt, pushing the uncompromising octogenarian leader to swiftly meet the cry from the streets for greater political freedom while feeling concerned that whether their long-time ally can survive the upheaval.

Egypt cuts of nearly all access to Internet from inside and outside the country


According to reports, in a move that virtually takes Egypt back to the 1980s, the country cut off nearly all access to the Internet - from inside as well as outside the country - at around 10.30pm GMT on Thursday night.

Obama Tells Egypt to undertake reforms

Barack Obama, Hosni Mubarak

There have been reports that the US president has strongly told the Egyptian President on Friday to undertake sweeping reforms. The U.S officials claimed that $1.5 billion aid would not be provided if the government does not start the process quickly.

Obama is reported to press the Egyptian president to be good on his pledges of greater democracy and economic freedom.

Mubarak: Borders with Gaza to open only for humanitarian aid

Hosni Mubarak

Cairo - Egyptian president Hosny Mubarak said on Tuesday that his country will not fully open its border with the Gaza Strip unless Palestinian Authority or European Union observers are in control of the crossing point.

He explained that until then the borders will only be opened for humanitarian reasons.

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