Loneliness Can Lead to High Blood Pressure, Researchers Assert

Loneliness Can Lead to High Blood Pressure, Researchers Assert

A recent study has revealed that not only does loneliness cause wear and tear on a person's psyche; it can also be a strong factor for causing high blood pressure.

Researchers from the University of Chicago surveyed as many as 229 people, falling in age group of 50 to 68 years, who were a part of the Chicago Health, Aging and Social Relations Study, a study that went on for many years. The participants were white, black and Latino men and women.

Under the researchers, the participants were required to rate their feeling about some generic statements like "I lack companionship," "I feel in tune with the people around me" and "My social relationships are superficial". Also noted were other features of the survey participants, like their smoking status, level of physical activity, BMI and cardiovascular health.

After following the participants for 5 long years, it was noted that those who had ranked as feeling most lonely had ended up having blood pressure levels which were about 14.4 point higher.

Details of the research have been published in the March issue of the journal Psychology and Aging.

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