Shaken Baby Syndrome: Past the Family


Shaken Baby Syndrome: Past the Family

With April being Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month, the Yolo County Children's Alliance and Child Abuse Prevention Council is paying attention on preventing newborn deaths from taking place, according to local abuse experts.

At the top of its main concerns is thinning the occurrence of shaken baby syndrome, which is a medical expression explains the injuries resulting from quivering a newborn or young child undergoes so aggressively that it causes brutal and often permanent brain damage.

Doctors many a times are incapable of detecting the causes of head trauma in kids who suffer from this syndrome because such children do not usually show any kind of symptom which can help in detecting the problem.

As per the research conducted by the National Center, they have been able to find that if a child has had regular respiration, no facial injuries or attacks, the possibility that abusive head trauma could be detected was less than one in five kids.

Many children are at times so terribly shaken that it injures their heads badly and care takers make up their own stories that the child had suffered a mishap and try to cover up the truth about case.

Yolo County Children's Alliance is determined to be more careful and vigilant and would ensure that it provides people with enough information regarding the problems that can be faced by a child who ids affected with shaken syndrome.

What is generally thought is that these things happen in cases when kids are kept under the care of their care takers and for some reason if they are angry, they tend to take their frustration out on the kid, resulting in this sorrowful outcome.

The injuries could range from swelling to complete damage, hemorrhage or mental retardation.

The children who are affected may need a lifelong medical care for brain damage, if any.

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