Fall Election: The Super Charged Republican Environment


Fall Election: The Super Charged Republican Environment

The Republicans can effectively say no to the Democrats, but they still need to make sure that along with them, in the upcoming Fall election, the whole country can say no to the currently ruling party. It looks like the Opposition was banking very heavily on the healthcare bill to gain back some of its lost popularity, but that did not happen and the grumpy lawmakers are now back to work, not happy, and without a choice.

The Republicans have time and again been labeled as the party of "No", and Sarah Palin seems to be very proud of it. "There is no shame in being the party of no. When they're proposing an idea that violates our values, violates our Constitution, what's wrong with being the party of no? We're the party of hell no!", she recently said.

Well, considering that not a lot of people are happy with Palin to begin with, we are not sure her words would be providing any gusto to the Republican campaign.

As of now, the most important thing on the Republican agenda is to try and highlight all the bad points of the healthcare bill (still!), in hopes that this would show the people of America how the Democrats have failed to do a nice thing for them and the Republicans would get a chance to do some good things of their own after they win the upcoming election.

What will happen ultimately remains to be seen, but one thing which cannot be refuted is that although the Democrats did end up making some errors, most of the times, things have managed to remain good and stable. And we should give credit to the Government for taking care of a country which had hit rock bottom in terms of finances for over 2 years.

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