Case Filled Against IVF Wales Clinic

IVF Wales Clinic

Clare and Gareth, a married couple has filed a legal suit against the IVF Wales Clinic situated at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, for losing two of their three embryos.

The loss of embryo was reported to the couple minutes before their implantation and the clinic told them that it had happened due to a complication called embryo vitrification, involving freezing of the embryos in liquid nitrogen and melting it down for implantation process.

Clare received the news when she was waiting for her implant in a gown, outside the operation theatre. But, the staffers ensured her that the embryos had not been planted in anyone.

Guy Forster, the couple’s lawyer informed that this was the second similar case for the same clinic and so it could not be ignored.

He says, “It seems that lessons have not been learned. Not only does this raise concerns about the clinic, but also serious questions need to be asked regarding the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority’s (HFEA) ability to properly regulate the IVF industry”.

Instead of admitting their mistake, the Medical Director of the Cardiff and Vale University’s Health Board, Dr. Chris Jones talked about the success rate of their clinic and labeled the loss of embryos as a medical failing.

He also said that the clinic offered counseling for all patients, who suffered from such an unfortunate embryo loss.

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