DNA Code Details Unveiled


DNA Code Details Unveiled

To decode the messages of our genes, Canadian researchers have cropped up with an "Enigma Machine", which can elucidate details about the small number of genes, which contain the instructions required to build complex organisms like human beings.

Just a little amount of genes can contain directives for a larger number of proteins and structures, with the help of a hidden code in these genes.

"We discovered a hidden code within DNA that living cells use to turn 20,000 genes into hundreds of thousands of genetic messages, by rearranging their parts", said Brendan Frey, Scientist, University of Toronto.

To analyze DNA and to find the "code words" in genome, a computer program has been formed by the scientists from University of Toronto. These code words are named "slicing code", etymology saying, to splice together diverse parts of the genetic code that contains biological information, and can help to generate a greater number of messages.

A close alliance between the computer scientists and the tentative biologists has helped to ascertain the above fact.

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