Alibaba’a Chief Informs George Soros is the Third Largest Investor

Alibaba’a Chief Informs George Soros is the Third Largest Investor

Alibaba's Chief Executive on Friday informed that billionaire banker George Soros made investment last year in Alibaba. com, which made him the third leading shareholder in the operator of China's biggest e-commerce site.

Soros invested in Alibaba in the third quarter of 2009, Chief Executive, David Wei informed investors at the company's yearly general conference in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, which is just across the boundary from Hong Kong.

Alibaba spokesperson John Spelich, who was present at the meeting and told that he did not particularize the size of Soros' investment or if Soros held the third leading place of investor on a general plane.

The company personnel said that they were declined from disclosing the size of Soros' stake.

The firm's leading investor is Alibaba Group, with a 73 percent share, which is followed by a Morgan Stanley associate with 1.5 percent. All other investors hold 0.36 percent or less of the firm's stock.

Alibaba shares increased by 5.3 percent on Friday in Hong Kong, which outpaced 1.4 percent plunge, for the Hang Seng Index.

On Thursday after market close up, the corporation, whose parent Alibaba Group is 40 percent possessed by Yahoo, reported its finest results in a year on sturdy paid-customer development.


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