EWG Says Retinyl Palmitate is Toxin

EWG Says Retinyl Palmitate is Toxin

Environmental Working Group, essentially a non-profit organization, has claimed that retinyl palmitate, a component widely used in sunscreen lotions, is highly toxin in nature.

The group is now recommending the users to avoid any such lotion which contains the chemical.

EWG comprises a number of expert consultants, yet its greatest proficiency is in gathering public attention for its awareness messages, regarding toxins present in our environment.

The key maneuver for the group is to attain a license for establishing a laboratory present for finding the evidence against human toxicity.

The basic strategy behind the group is to raise funds from the authorities after developing the labs.

EWG said that it requires funds for avoiding the blockage of the permissions by the Food and Drug Administration, which are issued to it from the federal authorities.

Retinyl palmitate is basically a naturally stirring storeroom for retinol in the human body. It is also called vitamin A and plays a significant role in balancing the skin functions.

"I think the answer is probably no. As with anything, it comes down to a question... of the lesser of two evils", said Professor John Sorensen from University of Manitoba.


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