Study: Iyenga Yoga Accelerates Recovery Process in Breast Cancer Survivors

Study: Iyenga Yoga Accelerates Recovery Process in Breast Cancer Survivors

A lot of people do yoga to remain fit and healthy. And now, according to a research, a new dedicated Iyenga yoga program helps in the quick recuperation for breast cancer survivors, and those who are undertaking breast cancer treatment.

A study, at the University of Alberta, revealed that Iyenga yoga has the capability to alter lives. Alexandra Hildebrandt, a breast cancer survivor, who took part in the study, narrates her experience with the yoga program.

Hildebrandt said that she had lymphedema. When she practices yoga on a regular basis, she sees a dramatic lessening in swelling.

She said, "You use so many props so it allows you to do fewer poses in class, but you hold them for longer and you can really relax and stretch into the poses".

Even after finishing the course, she is still practicing Iyenga yoga.

Researchers conducted a 10-week long study, which entailed breast cancer survivors and was spearheaded by Amy Speed-Andrews.

Speed-Andrews said that the response received from the women was very encouraging.

It is said that mental health and quality of life are considered as the vital elements, after a person undergoes invasive medical procedures, like breast cancer surgical treatment.

And with this regimen, the patients' recovery process gets a kick.


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