Polyamory is Based on Love, Says Lawyer from Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association


Polyamory is Based on Love, Says Lawyer from Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Associa

John Ince, from the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association, which supports allowing of multiple partners, intends to know if a decree against polygamy is also applicable to his clients.

On Wednesday, he told B. C.'s Supreme Court that while polygamy is founded on a patriarchal system, polyamorous associations are consensual. He also said that polyamory is platonic and is based on love (amore), not sex.

Polyamory is being described as a post-modern, secular, non-patriarchal, marital association, which entails a panoply of sexual alliances and gender differences.

Mr. Ince is into polyamory and advocates the system highly. He said that polyamory can have a cluster of men and women and the members can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or transgendered.

According to Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada, polygamy is forbidden, and lawbreakers can be convicted for five-years.

Mr. Ince said outside court, "We oppose laws that oppose loving, consensual relationships".

The Attorneys-General of B. C. and Canada are being posed with the question that where do the polyamorous people stand in comparison to those who follow polygamy, seeing that 0.5% of the people in the nation are engaged in polyamorous alliances.

A lawyer for the B. C. Attorney-General, Craig Jones said that there's no official definition available for the word polyamory. In fact, the term is debatable in even people who are a part of this category.

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