Placebo Pill Gives Boost to Some Women's Sex Drive


Placebo Pill Gives Boost to Some Women's Sex Drive

A new pill, the Placebo Pill, has been found to work on a third of the women it had been used on, which improved their low libido and subsequently sex lives.

Following the advent of drugs like Viagra and Cialis for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction in the late 1990s, many experiments were conducted to bring out similar drugs for women, but with little success.

However, recently, it was found that about 35 percent of the women treated with the placebo pill saw a significant improvement in their psychological aspects of sex such as desire and arousal, including better lubrication and more frequent and easily attainable orgasms.

The study was conducted on 50 women between the age group 35 to 55 who had female sexual arousal disorder. They were treated with either Cialis or a placebo for 12 weeks, after which significant improvement was observed. Most of the observed improvement apparently happened in the first four weeks.

The most important improvement was the increase in the frequency of satisfying sexual encounters, besides receiving more stimulation during having sex.

The study will be issued in the internet in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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