Facebook outage perturbs ‘addicted’ social media users

Facebook outage perturbs ‘addicted’ social media users

That the Facebook users have apparently become addicted to the popular social networking site became evident, yet again, on Thursday, when the site was hit by a two-and-a-half hour outage – the second outage in two days, much to the chagrin of its over 500 million users!

According to industry watchers, the condition of the perturbed Facebook users suffering through the Thursday outage of the site was fairly akin to that of the drug addicts going through withdrawal.

Noting that the social network users have become so accustomed to sharing updates that they are irked no end when the site goes offline, Enderle Group’s chief analyst Rob Enderle said: “It has become nearly an addiction, and it is difficult for most of us to turn them off. Social networks have a status aspect to them, and we are hardwired to need status so they are very easy to become addicted to.”

In fact, during a survey by The Oxygen Media Insights Group - which is part of a firm that focuses on Web sites for women - this summer, nearly 57 percent of the women participants said that they are communicate with people more online than they do in person; and 39 percent of the women called themselves Facebook addicts.

According to analysts, the addiction to social media is not limited only to women – men too are equally involved in posting, uploading and checking out news feeds all through the day.


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