Apple quietly adds new update to Ping social media/music service


In an apparent attempt to silence critics skeptical about the success of Ping, Apple recently added a quiet update to the social media/music service, allowing users to post the music they are actually listening to as well as “like” the music others – friends, colleagues, or random Internet strangers – may be listening to.

The addition of the new feature, which will evidently bring about a notable increase in user satisfaction, is basically a simple tweak that users can easily access via a sidebar that pops up within iTunes whenever a user starts rocking out to a song.

Once the song has been recognized by Ping/iTunes, the new feature will instantly ask the users whether they want to “like” the track they are listening to or whether they want to post the track to their feed with the option of leaving additional comments to accompany it. 

Talking about the new update introduced by Apple, Scripting News’ Dave Winer - who initially panned the Ping service for its lack of integration with a user’s personal iTunes library - said: “Ping now is beginning to actually be a social network for music.” 

Despite the fact that Winer, and a lot of other initial critics of Ping, are still unhappy about the service remaining locked to iTunes, there is currently no indication that Apple intends expanding the service into a browser-accessible service. As such, right now, it’s iTunes or nothing!


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