Researchers Discover a Crucial Protein in Our Brain

Researchers Discover a Crucial Protein in Our Brain

In a breakthrough research conducted by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, a maintenance protein was discovered which helped nerve fibers with its smooth operation.

These nerve fibers are responsible for transmitting messages in the brain and the researchers believe that this finding could lead to a better understanding of disorders like epilepsy, dementia, MS and stroke.

Impulses from the brain are disrupted under such mental disorders which could also lead to an inability to control movement and muscles wasting away.

Talking about its size, researchers explained that fibers could be of a meter length but the area covered by the segment of nerve that controls transmission of messages is no bigger than the width of a human hair.

Professor Peter Brophy, Director of the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Neuroregeneration, said, "Knowing more about how signals in the brain work will help us better understand neurodegenerative disorders and why, when these illnesses strike, the brain can no longer send signals to parts of the body".

Dr. Matthew Nolan, of the university's Centre for Integrative Physiology, stated that tens of thousands of electrical impulses were transmitting messages between nerve cells in our brains at every moment and he also believed that this finding would also help unraveling the complexities of how brain worked.

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