Around 98% Patients Prefer to Outlook Their Medical Records, Suggests Study

Around 98% Patients Prefer to Outlook Their Medical Records, Suggests Study

People suffering from cancer who acquire an access to their medical records feel more satisfied with treatments and cure procedures, claimed a recent research.

During the course of the study, experts have examined around 350 randomly selected cancer patients who were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, colon cancer or lymphoma and revealed that approximately 98% of patients preferred to outlook their organized medical records.

Further, patients who had an opportunity to view their OMR were observed to be 1.69 times satisfied with the information and 1.86 times more likely to feel about their right of information for their disease.

On the other hand, the authors’ note in the journal Cancer had published that some doctors are afraid that complete disease information can also impart negative effects on the patients as they can play a role to increase the level of anxiety.

Renowned blogger on patient involvement, Dave deBronkart, also backed the access of information to patients saying: "Detailed information on the disease is important for the patient to make informed decisions. It also allows the patient and family to cope better”.

Further, he claimed that a majority of cancer patients were like to receive maximum possible information regarding their disease.


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