SynapSense raises $7 million funds for high-level scrutiny of data-center conditions


An additional funding of $7 million has come in for SynapSense, markedly from Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH - the venture division of the European bigwig, Robert Bosch - which has become a part of the current investors, including Sequoia Capital, Emerald Technology Ventures, American River Ventures, Nth Power and DFJ Frontier, backing the company.

The Folsom, California-based SynapSense, using wireless sensors for tracking thermal pressure as well as humidity conditions in corporate data centers, boasts of a wide customer base - including, as CEO Peter Van Deventer put it, "world's leading stock exchange," America's "largest mobile phone operator," and the "world's busiest social networking site" - implying the New York Stock Exchange, Verizon, and Facebook respectively.

Since the data centers of companies store the servers and other networking and power gear, the companies are ever so involved in the constant pursuit of making these places increasingly efficient.

Towards that end, SynapSense's concurrent tracking of data center conditions has already created quite a few ripples about the high-level scrutiny that it provides companies desirous of saving costs and becoming more efficient. The company received the 2008 Energy Innovator Award from the US Department of Energy.

SynapSense, which has raised an overall $17 million in funds over the last couple of years, intends using the new financing for broadening the spectrum of its wireless monitoring products beyond data centers.


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