Normal Services Resumed By Microsoft


Normal Services Resumed By Microsoft

The early hours of Friday morning had seen disruption in services of Microsoft. Very essential services such as Hotmail, Skydrive and Office were rendered useless for a long time. This was due to a technical error. The firm has launched a probe for finding out the reason for this outage so that it can be fixed and such disruption can be prevented in the future.

There is need for a proper investigation so that the rectification of the errors is done, because there are a lot of people who rely on technology for their business operations and it might lead to a downfall in the same.

There has been a recent shift of technology towards cloud computing. It has been revealed that this shall sure be for the benefit of the users as they can now trust their virtual servers more than what was ever possible.

A few experts are of the view that due to the recent low tide in the technology industry, it might be possible that some of the major systems might be prone to flaws.

“We have completed propagating our DNS configuration changes around the world, and have restored service for most customers”, said Microsoft officials in a statement.

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