Google to Explore Mobile Device Management Tools


Google to Explore Mobile Device Management Tools

It has been reported that Google has announced exploration of its mobile device management tools with a focus on Google Application administrators in order to help them manage corporate Application users' Android, iOS as well as Windows mobile devices.

While commenting on the announcement, the VP of Product Management at Google, Dave Girouard notified improvements during an annual gathering that the Google has organized particularly for its business IT executives, Atmosphere 2011. Speaking at the occasion, he claimed that the new capabilities have clearly reflected procedures for easier consumerization of IT to support the companies. However, he made a sarcastic note and said that for any employer it’s very difficult to demonstrate its employee about what devices to use. “These diverse environments actually can be more secure than what we're accustomed to seeing”, he added.

In 2010, Google offered the device management and synchronized capabilities for the first time, supporting several mobile policies such as password requirements as well as directions for the user group to define roaming sync preferences. Besides this, they also support mobile analytics for helping companies in order to understand the mobile device usage as it relate to the worker productivity.

Simultaneously, the mobile giant has also introduced some changes in its Google Apps Device Policy application for Android as an attempt to help users regarding the available usage information for administrator as well as to include support for Android 4.0, which is popular with the name Ice Cream Sandwich.

Google is also looking forward to dragging maximum companies in the spell of BigQuery, nascent data analytics service of the company. In addition, the company has also hailed business customers for enrolling their names to grab an opportunity to try new web-based graphical user interface of BigQuery.

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