Facebook Denies Hacking Attack on Users


Facebook Denies Hacking Attack on Users

There seems to be tough time for the social media networking giant Facebook, as the company is facing flak from Indian users after their accounts were hacked. While the company has denied any such issue, the users are confused whether to stick to Facebook or not. There were reports that indicated that some of Indian users reported their accounts being hacked with pornographic and violent images being sent on their name to others.

However, the company asserted that they are committed to protect the privacy of users and there is no compromise on it whatever be the case. Having 25 million users in India, such reports have certainly dented the repute of the company which has got massive popularity among people of every age.

Even a media report confirmed that nearly 200,000 Facebook users were facing such problems, but the company seems to be in denial mode since the report struck the company.

However, the company has accepted that there was a "coordinated spam attack" in the U. S. over the weekend, in which it has been confirmed that some of the users were fooled into pasting and executing "malicious javascript" in their browser URL bar.

"Our efforts have drastically limited the damage caused by this attack, and we are now in the process of investigating to identify those responsible", said Facebook, while it remained firm on the issue of hacking accounts.

The company is told to have worked hard on improving the safety norms of the site so that no malicious attempt gets its way out. Even it has made sure that the members are being questioned properly before they make their account on Facebook. It is not for the first time that any site has come into issue of breach of privacy, as it has always been a sensitive issue for any user, and this time the issue has reached to the level of intolerance in India.

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