Samsung to Relaunch Modified Galaxy Tab in Germany Next Week


Samsung to Relaunch Modified Galaxy Tab in Germany Next Week

Unfortunately, Samsung Electronics' earlier launch of original Galaxy Tab 10.1 became prey of allegations pointing that the model is very similar to Apple's iPad2. Following which, the company's sales of the device had to face legal ban by a German court.

Now, the company has announced about the new launch that it will be making next week but this time, it will launch a modified version of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.

Though Samsung Electronics has not yet disclosed the exact launch date for the modified tablet, Samsung spokesman Mr. Jose Suh confirmed on Thursday about the sale of the new device, the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, on the websites of German retailers. He mentioned in his statement that web stores are facilitating customers with a 16GB model in white. EP MediaStore is offering a 32GB Wi-Fi model in black, while IM Superstore is serving the 64GB Wi-Fi model to its clients.

Reports have confirmed that the new versions of the tablet will only go on sale in Germany. Moreover, the new version of the tablets facilitates its users to move the speakers from the side of the device to the front on any such requirement and also, it can modify the design of the bezel so that silver is visible, said Samsung spokesman Mr. Nam Ki Yung.

Yung has further cleared in his statement that the design of the new version is simply the company's reply to only German legal authorities and in no sense to Apple's claims of patent infringement.

The situation went worse for Samsung in September, when the district court in Düsseldorf ruled that Samsung's galaxy design has similar appearance as Apple's iPad 2 and since the design has been registered with the E. U.'s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, Samsung has to stop its sale of the product in the market.

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