SABMiller to Expand In Potential Places


SABMiller to Expand In Potential Places

It has been recently revealed that SABMiller, the beverage giant is going to expand into a number of other countries. There have been plans revealed about the possible investments SABMiller is going to make in different countries like Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Ghana.

It has a number of major brands under its name such as Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, and Pilsner Urquell besides others.

The major beer maker is now planning to diversify in these countries because they might be potentially good markets. The reason for the growth in these particular regions is because of the continuous investment that the firm has been putting in diversification of their products, as well as consumer occasion activations and enhanced options for the distribution and marketing of their products in the country.

There has been a recent rise of 34% recorded by SABMiller in Castle premium beers. They are of the view of making beer more widespread and available for people. They want to make the access of the same very easy and handy for people.

There has also been increase in the demand of beer, over other alcoholic beverages because it is light and easily digestible. This is another reason for the new efforts being made by the firm, for the expansion of their gyre, to be able to sell more beer to the world.

"Conversely, in the USA and Europe, consumer markets remain weak. Trading conditions in Europe were also affected by competitor price reductions and intensified marketing investment and promotional activity", revealed the firm in a statement.

It has further been revealed that SABMiller has agreed to collaborate and buy Foster's firm in the month of September for a sum of US$10.16 billion. This is also one of the major strategies of the firm for expanding its attributes to different brands and places.

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