Bill Gates to Defend Microsoft against $1 Billion Antitrust Lawsuit


Bill Gates to Defend Microsoft against $1 Billion Antitrust Lawsuit

On Tuesday, Bill Gates is scheduled to defend Microsoft against a $1 billion antitrust lawsuit. The lawsuit has alleged that the software giant has tricked a competitor into huge losses while soar onto the market with Windows 95. Earlier in 2004, the Utah-based Novell Inc. sued Microsoft. "It was a ground-breaking piece of work, and it was very well received when we got it done", Gates added in a statement.

On Monday, Gates testified that Microsoft was putting hard efforts that time to launch its Windows 95 and notified dropping some technical features as engineers warned it would crash the system. In addition, he insisted that the company had worked hard and it was one of the most challenging projects for the company while tagging it as a groundbreaking piece of work.

On the other hand, the lawyers for Microsoft have insisted that the Novell's loss its shares because of its own flaws or may be because of incorrect decisions and notified that the company didn't develop a Windows compatible WordPerfect program, even months after the launch of the operating system. David Tulchin, Microsoft lawyer claimed that Novell's missed decent opportunity due to its own problems and made a sarcastic note that Microsoft had no responsibility to give its competitor a leg up.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the US District Judge J. Frederick Motz denied the Microsoft's request for dismissing the case. Frederick Motz observed the Novell's claims thin but notified that he would let the case continue for another month and direct the jury to make a decision.

As per available data, WordPerfect earlier grabbed around 50% of the computer market under its spell for computer writing programs whereas Microsoft credits to be one of the world's largest software makers with a market of more than $210 billion.

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