The New Electric Cheque


The New Electric Cheque

In a recent report, it has been revealed that the British academics have recently developed an electronic cheque that is sure going to be a new feather in the cap of the system of paying money. This is sure to be more convenient and handy for day-to-day use. It shall also help people in banking easier.

They shall soon have the freedom of running their banking errands, without having to stand in huge lines. The processing as well as transport will go out of question, and the retailers as well as bankers shall now have an easy access to banking methods in the time to come.

This new cheque shall be similar to the one which has traditionally been used for many years. It shall only tend to make banking easier for people, because it shall have better options for the convenience of people.

It was revealed that this is a new research done by the Northumbria and the Newcastle universities, and they are soon going to present it at the Computer Supported Co-operative Work conference in Seattle in the U. S.

This is going to be a cheap and effective system that shall be as effective as the previous methods. It shall however have the addition of the physical paper transaction for the use of the customers. "Hopefully banks will invest in this kind of innovative design which preserves what many people find invaluable about the cheques", said Michelle Mitchell, of the Age U. K.

This shall tend to make things easier for the people of the vicinity, as it shall help in making them able to carry out even more efficient transactions in the time to come.

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