The New Norovirus Nasal Spray


The New Norovirus Nasal Spray

It has been recently revealed in a report that a new nasal spray vaccine might soon be able to keep a person safe from the Norovirus. The winter vomiting bug can be warded off with the use of this nasal spray. Unlike most vaccines that need to be injected, this one is an easy to use spray.

It actually uses dummy virus cells that breed in tobacco plants, for effectively safeguarding the body against the onset of the disease. The Norovirus has become one big pain for the A&E departments at the NHS hospitals. There are so many people coming in with this infection that even wards had to be closed. This vaccine will surely be able to help people keep themselves and their families safe from the nasty vomiting disease in this extended winter season.

It has symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and other flu like symptoms. It keeps one feeling sick and in bed for many days. The worst part is that the disease is so contagious that it can spread very easily from one person to another. There is need for all precautionary me6thods to be used by the government in order to help the disease be contained in the long run. There is need for keeping ones surrounding clean and eating right and drinking clean water to stay away from the disease. This shall ensure that more people aren’t infected with this disease and can lead a healthy life this winter season.

“We can produce 10 million doses of vaccine in two weeks. It is robust and ready to go from a commercial standpoint. The technical issues are probably solved, now it is regulatory issues”, said Prof Charles Arntzen of Arizona State University.

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