Men at Risk of Prostate Cancer from Fizzy Drinks

Men at Risk of Prostate Cancer from Fizzy Drinks

A study that went on for a period of 15 years, taken out by a group of researchers from the Lund University, has uncovered a fact that even one soft-drink a day by men can increase their risks of developing prostate cancer. The review has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The team has been warning men who love to drink sugary soft drinks, since another fact from the study is that the risk is not of an early-stage disease. But, one is risked at getting aggressive prostate cancer, which does not get cured easily and causes symptoms.

Prostate cancer is commonly seen in British men and almost 41,000 people in Britain are affected by the same each year. Also, more than 10,000 people of them tend to lose their precious lives to the cancer. Though treatments for the same have improved, the number of cases and incomplete cure is still concerning.

It is therefore being suggested to avoid fizzy drinks daily. It has been told that even 300ml of such drinks a day, which is less than a standard canister, may increase the risks by 40%. "Further research on how genes respond to different diets would make it possible to tailor food and drink guidelines for certain high-risk groups", said Prof. Isabel Drake.

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