Apple launches iPhone trade-in program at its US retail stores


Apple-launches-iPhoneAmid the current slowdown in the sales of high-end smartphones, tech giant Apple has launched an iPhone trade-in program at its US retail stores; apparently with the aim of reaping advantage from the exploding `used phone' market.

The in-store iPhone trade-in program was launched by Apple on Friday. The iPhone trade-in move by the company comes at a time when the slowing sales of high-end smartphones has prompted handset manufacturers as well as wireless carriers to offer incentives for alluring customers to upgrade to the newest versions of their mobile devices.

Under the terms of the newly-announced iPhone trade-in program by Apple, the eligibility of customers to participate in the program will be determined on the basis of the good working order of their old iPhone, which should also be unspoiled by water.

Customers who bring in their old iPhones to be traded in for a new iPhone model will have to get the `age' and `make' of their devices evaluated by an Apple store employee.

After evaluation, Apple will offer - depending on the handset's condition and model - a credit of between $120 and $280 for the old iPhone; and that credit can be used by the customers towards purchasing a new iPhone. However, according to a Wall Street Journal report, the customers will also have to sign up or a two-year service agreement.

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