Many of the US Bridges not in Good Condition: Analysis

Many of the US Bridges not in Good Condition: Analysis

As per an analysis, it has been unveiled that many of the US bridges are not in good condition. As a part of the analysis, 607,380 bridges were assessed, it was found that 65,605 were structurally deficient and 20,808 were categorized as facture critical.

However, among them, there were 7,795 such bridges that were combination of structurally deficient and fracture critical. These bridges were at the risk of collapse.

As per experts, a bridge can be categorized as fracture critical when it is unable to provide redundant protection. Moreover, it is at the verge of collapse. On the other hand, the bridge is categorized under structurally deficient when it requires repair work and replacement.

It has been found that engineers have termed bridges to be safe. Though there are many that have been categorized under the category of structurally deficient and fracture critical. But officials were of the view that the bridges will not collapse.

Recently, Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge was found to be in upsetting condition. The bridge was in such a poor condition that officials from District of Columbia feared that the bridge would collapse. As per experts, the Douglass Memorial Bridge fitted in the category of structurally deficient as well as fracture critical.



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