Ship Arrival at Space Station Delayed due to Software Problem


Ship Arrival at Space Station Delayed due to Software Problem

NASA officials have informed that software problem will result in delay of cargo ship to the International Space Station. Cygnus spacecraft built by Orbital Sciences will be captured by robotic arm of International space station, operated by astronauts.

Orbital Sciences said that the data received from ISS was different than the value expected by the company. So, they would prefer to check the systems as Cygnus rejected the navigation data. Six hours before the scheduled departure, the plans have been changed. If everything is perfect, the next dock with the station would be on coming Tuesday.

Orbital Sciences will make its first cargo flight to space station. The company is one of the two firms selected by NASA after careful selection process. Other company chosen by NASA, SpaceX, has made a test flight and two resupply missions. Dulles, VA-based Orbital Sciences has built Cygnus spacecraft and Antares rockets. The company has won $1.9 billion contract for eight cargo missions to International Space Station, a joint project of fifteen nations.

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