Nokia reports its 2013 third-quarter financial results


Nokia reports its 2013 third-quarter financial results

Nokia published its 2013 third-quarter earnings report on Tuesday, disclosing an increase in the demand for its Lumia handsets. Though the quarterly results released by Nokia were not quite inspiring on the whole, the company still reported record sales of Windows Phone handsets, thanks chiefly to its low-cost models.

The 2013 third-quarter financial results published by Finland-based Nokia - which is selling its mobile handset business to Microsoft - show that the company shifted 8.8 million Lumia handsets in the reporting quarter; thereby underscoring a 40 percent year-on-year increase and a nearly 20 percent quarter-on-quarter increase.

The figures posted by Nokia imply that the company managed to sell the highest-ever number of Windows Phone handsets in any quarter till date.

So far as the other 2013 third-quarter statistics are concerned, Nokia's quarterly revenue from the mobile handset division - for which the company has accepted a bid of _5.44 billion in cash from Microsoft - was _2.89 billion; marking a 19 percent plunge from the same quarter year-ago revenue.

The total sales reported by Nokia for the third quarter stood at of _5.7 billion --- a figure which indicates a 22 percent decline year on year, and flat when compared to the 2103 second quarter total sales numbers posted by the company.

The operating profit for Nokia in the third quarter was _118 million, compared to a _564 million loss which the company reported for the same quarter last year.

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