Video game sellers gearing up for three Black Fridays in a row!


Video game sellers gearing up for three Black Fridays in a row!

With Sony and Microsoft scheduled to launch their next-generation gaming consoles - the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One respectively - this month, the sellers of video games are apparently gearing up for three successive Black Fridays.

The Sony PS4 is set to hit the markets at 12:01 a. m. on this coming Friday, November 15; while the Microsoft Xbox One is scheduled to arrive next Friday, November 22. The Friday after that - November 29 - is the Black Friday after Thanksgiving.

The PS4 and Xbox One consoles are launching amid the retailers' high hopes that both the consoles will garner noteworthy sales. Going by the video game industry's projections, the combined sales of the two new consoles will apparently touch 10 million by March 2014.

With three Black Fridays coming up in a row, GameStop has events - with freebies and food - commencing at 6 p. m. on Thursday, November 14; while Best Buy will open its stores at 10 p. m. on the next two Thursdays, to enable customers to shop for games and accessories in advance. The extended store hours will happen all over again for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Among the other bigwig retailers, Wal-Mart's layaway desks will be kept open for post-midnight sales; though Target - which has taken pre-orders for the new consoles - will open at its regular time on Friday morning, with some limited units of additional consoles.

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