New $130-priced limited edition Ouya comes in ‘white,’ with double storage capacity


New $130-priced limited edition Ouya comes in ‘white,’ with double storage capac

In an evident attempt to entice customers to buy the Android-based Ouya game console, the makers of the console have announced a new limited edition Ouya, which is now available for preorder on the Ouya Shop in North America. At an additional cost of $29, the limited edition Ouya comes with a two-fold increase in storage capacity.

While the cost of the standard model of Ouya console is $100, the cost of the limited edition Ouya is $130. However, the extra cost comes with a noteworthy jump in the console's storage capacity --- from 8GB to 16GB.

Moreover, along with the increased storage capacity, the limited edition Ouya - which is available only in North America for now - is also being offered in a white color option, with a matching white controller. The standard model of the console comes only in black color.

According to Ouya's announcement pertaining to the opening of preorders for the limited edition Ouya console, customers who order the console before December 8 will have it shipped to them by December 25.

Other than the doubled storage capacity and the new `white' color option, the specifications of the limited edition Ouya will be the same as those of the standard model, which features an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor; 1GB of memory; two USB ports; Wi-Fi; Ethernet; Bluetooth; and HDMI output.

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