B.C. pumping in $20M to assist mental patients in Vancouver


B.C. pumping in $20M to assist mental patients in Vancouver

In a move to make things better for the most hard-to-handle patients the British Columbia government is going to lend help by funding with $20 million for those suffering with mental illnesses and severe drug addictions.

The new campaign has come about as a result of Vancouver's mayor and police chief who called for help to reduce and control the mental health crisis on the streets of the city.

Health Minister Terry Lake stated yesterday Wednesday that in the coming four months, the territory will create a 9 to 12 psychiatric examination of the beds along with the stabilization unit at St. Paul's Hospital.

St Paul’s Hospital is the one which is attending to most of Vancouver's psychiatric cases as it is located closest to the poverty stricken area of Downtown Eastside.

He informed the press that it was clear that there are crevices in some exceptionally hard-to-serve individuals that have a tendency to move in certain ranges - the Downtown Eastside being one of them - that weren't having their requirements met since they are an extremely challenging populace to serve.

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