Rate of Hepatitis B and C Infections are Higher than Expected


Rate of Hepatitis B and C Infections are Higher than Expected

New figures have been revealed by the federal government regarding the increase in the number of people being affected by Hepatitis B and C virus. A survey was conducted by Canadian Health Government in which they tested the blood samples of people who were attacked by viruses.

Statistics Canada revealed details of the survey that about 0.4% of people were infected with hepatitis B and 0.5% with hepatitis C viruses. Of all those people, who were found infected with hepatitis C virus said that they were having no knowledge of their infection.

Not only this, half of the people infected with hepatitis B said that they were also unaware of their disease. Health experts in Canada are in fear after seeing the results of the survey. They warned that people in Canada are facing an unrecognized health care crisis with hepatitis C virus.

They said that untreated and undiagnosed infections in small babies, give birth to various liver diseases and causes cancer. Dr. Morris Sherman, a liver specialist at Toronto General Hospital, said: "I think they're actually harmful, counterproductive. Because I think it's minimizing the true state of affairs".

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