E-Cigarette Users Sucking In More Toxins than Conventional Smokers: Research


E-Cigarette Users Sucking In More Toxins than Conventional Smokers: Research

According to a latest report, it has been claimed by researches that e-cigarettes, which were supposed to be healthier that the conventional ones, also make users inhale dangerous chemicals.

It has been discovered by scientists that people who smoke electronic cigarettes could still be taking in a lot of dangerous chemicals.

The US researchers recently came up with suggestions that people who now smoke e-cigarettes may inhale higher concentrations of nicotine as well as other hazardous toxins.

It has been revealed by the sources that some other chemicals found in e-cigarettes are believed to be carcinogenic. IT is also believed by the researches that these large quantities of toxic as well as addictive nicotine present ion e- cigarettes can be more harmful for the users that the conventional cigarettes. 

The researchers from the New York University have recently discovered that due to the frequency of puffing and depth of inhalation of e-cigarettes, the smokers get exposed to a higher level of harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals can prove to be more dangerous that the traditional cigarettes for the smokers.

Dr. Deepak Saxena, Associate Professor of basic science and craniofacial biology, said, "The issue is urgent as a recent survey conducted among students at eight U. S. colleges found that 12 per cent of e-cig users had never smoked a conventional cigarette".

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