Amazon to offer Kindle Fire HDX with quarterly installment plans


Amazon to offer Kindle Fire HDX with quarterly installment plans

Online retail giant Amazon has revealed in a recent announcement that it will offer the Kindle Fire HDX tablet on a quarterly installment plan; with the amount which the customers have to pay in each installment to depend on the size and configuration on the tablet model that they have selected.

Under the new quarterly installment plans which Amazon will be offering for the Kindle Fire HDX tablet, the cost of the tablets will be divided into four installments. The initial payment for the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX model will begin at $57.25; while that of the 8.9-inch model will start at $94.75.

The remaining part of the cost of the tablet will be divided into three equal installments which the buyers will have to pay at 90 days, 180 days, and 270 days after the purchase.

No interest will be charged by Amazon for the 12-month period during which the installments for the Kindle Fire HDX will span. The only costs which buyers will have to pay over and above the installments will be the tax chargers and shipping costs.

In comparison to the quarterly installment plan which Amazon is coming up with for the Kindle Fire HDX tablet lineup, the 7-inch model of the tablet costs $229 for the base model; while the price of its bigger, 8.9-inch counterpart starts $379.

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