Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer details reason behind last-week Yahoo Mail outage


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer details reason behind last-week Yahoo Mail outage

With the Yahoo Mail email service having suffered a long and irksome outage for almost a week, since it was first reported at 10:27 PM PT last Monday, the company's CEO Marissa Mayer has apologized for the disruption in an official blog post; and has detailed the exact reason behind it.

According to the explanation which Mayer has given in the blog post, the Yahoo email service was disrupted the whole of last week for some users because of a particular hardware outage on one of the company's storage systems which serves 1 percent of its users.

Mayer said that the mentioned hardware outage had led to a "particularly rare" problem, affecting different users in different ways. As a result, the resolution for the Yahoo Mail accounts affected by the outage was nuanced.

To bring the Yahoo Mail service back online, the Yahoo Mail team worked "around the clock" so that access and all messages could be restored to Mail inboxes. In addition, IMAP access was also improved for users who access Yahoo Mail via Apple Mail, Outlook, or other clients.

Further adding that the relentless efforts of the Yahoo Mail team had helped restore access to "almost everyone" who was affected by the Yahoo Mail outage, Mayer said that the backlog of messages has also been delivered. Assuring that Yahoo will try to make improvements to prevent such an outage in the future, Mayer said: "We can, and we will, do better in the future"

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