Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Good for Immunity: Research


Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Good for Immunity: Research

A research was conducted by a group of researchers from the University of California, Riverside. As per the same, it has been found that moderate consumption of alcohol is good for immune system.

The researchers found that moderate consumption of alcohol can improve the immune system's response to vaccination. It also increases the ability to fight infections.

The finding can prove very beneficial when it comes to coming up with new interventions like improving the ability of elderly when it comes to responding to vaccines.

Lead researcher Ilhem Messaoudi from the School of Medicine said it has been said for a long time now that moderate alcohol consumption is linked with reduced mortality rate.

An experiment was carried out in which study researchers assessed the impact of alcohol consumption on the immune system. Twelve rhesus macaques were taken in the experiment and all of them vaccinated against small pox.

They were either given access to 4% ethanol or calorically matched sugar water. All of them had an open access to water and food. The experiment continued for 14 months.

"Our study, conducted on non-human primates, shows for the first time that voluntary moderate alcohol consumption boosts immune responses to vaccination", affirmed Messaoudi.

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