Pebble to open its official app marketplace for software developers in “early 2014”


Pebble to open its official app marketplace for software developers in “early 20

Pebble has revealed in a recent announcement that it is creating an official app marketplace - to be dubbed the Pebble Appstore - for software developers to build apps for its smartwatch platform.

According to Pebble, the launch of the Pebble Appstore is scheduled to take place sometime in "early 2014;" with the marketplace to be integrated directly into the existing iPhone and Android apps for the Pebble smartwatch. The integration will facilitate the users in searching, browsing as well as installing all the new Pebble apps on their smartwatch.

Pebble has revealed that app developers can now submit their SDK 2.0 Pebble apps to the store. With the SDK 2.0 having been released recently with four new APIs - including JavaScript, Data Logging, Accelerometer, and Persistent Storage -, apps like PebbleCards, PebbleCam, Smartwatch+ and Glance are already on offer.

In the case of developers who have created apps using the SDK 1.0, all such apps will have to be converted to SDK 2.0 to make them available in the Pebble Appstore. The apps will be automatically upgraded for the Pebble users via the Pebble smartwatch app.

About the forthcoming launch of the Pebble Appstore next year, Pebble said in a recent blog post that "for developers, the Pebble Appstore is the best way to promote and distribute your Pebble applications to users."

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