Washington Post’s servers penetrated by hackers


Washington Post’s servers penetrated by hackers

According to an article published in The Washington Post on Wednesday, the news organization's servers were recently penetrated by hackers; marking the third incident hacking attack on The Post's servers in the last three years.

The latest intrusion was detected by outside cybersecurity consultant Mandiant, which monitors The Washington Post's networks. Mandiant reported the intrusion to The Washington Post's officials on Wednesday.

As per the article, a hacking group of unknown origin broke into the Post's servers, and gained access to user names and password data of the employees. Despite the fact that it is not yet clear as to how much of the company's data was lost, the officials intend asking all employees to change their user names and passwords.

Although the Post asserted that the passwords were "encrypted" - which typically means as a cryptographic hash -, it has previously been found that even the encrypted passwords have, in some cases, been de-coded by hackers.

Meanwhile, the Post has said that there has thus far been no proof of the hackers having accessed details - like credit cards or home addresses - pertaining to the paper's subscribers. Moreover, there were also no immediate signs to indicate that the hackers had gained access to the paper's publishing system or email, or sensitive personal data of its employees, like their Social Security numbers.

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